RDC Innovator Profile: Shelia Banks

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKlAAAAJGI5Y2M5NzJhLTU2ZGEtNGVhYi1hYTI1LTg0MWU1MmY5Mjc4ZgShelia has been an educator for 12 years. She is currently a Curriculum Coordinator for Jefferson Parish, Greater New Orleans Area

Title: Teacher Feature Network

Shelia’s Short Story: My underlying mantra is that if you provide teachers with what they need to be successful and innovative, they will follow suite. Teachers need to empower themselves and rely on their expertise and knowledge to improve teacher practice. An empowered teacher is an effective teacher.

Shelia’s Idea in a Nutshell: Think,Design,Solve! Want gratification? Take part in the TFN & improve practice.Take teaching to the next level & showcase your talents.

Shelia’s Burning Question:

How would you entice camera-shy educators to get involved in the Teacher Feature Network ?

Help Shelia develop this amazing idea!

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