About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to the Redesign Challenge. Our mission is to revolutionize how educators across America come together to reimagine breakthrough innovation in teaching and learning. The Challenge is designed to energize ideas and see them become actual solutions to try in your schools. This is a place to share experiences, exchange ideas, and refine new approaches to ongoing challenges in K-12 education.

Our Solution

The Redesign Challenge is an open dialogue between those who often make the decisions and those who have to live with those decisions. Conversations will be guided by experienced educators. Participants will focus on one theme, or “challenge” at a time. Our first challenge is to help make videos for professional learning more relevant and useful to educators. All educators – from the classroom teacher to district superintendent – are invited to participate. The Redesign Challenge community will determine the best ideas and pick subsequent challenges.

Who Are We?

Hundreds of teachers, coaches, and administrators have spent the last year designing a prototype for Redesign Challenge. Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Redesign Challenge is in itself a workshop in change– evolving based on your feedback on how best to bring educators together to make meaningful impact. As you move through the Challenge, please send us feedback at: support@redesignchallenge.org

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